Our Mission Statement: We deliver powerful manufacturing software by deeply understanding our client’s challenges in order to meaningfully improve their businesses and in turn, their communities.

The History of ProShop ERP: Leaders in Manufacturing ERP

How ProShop Started

The founders of ProShop ERP didn't know they would become leaders in the manufacturing ERP world. The story of ProShop ERP started in 1993 when the founders met during college. They attended Western Washington University in the Vehicle Research Institute. Over four years, they worked on designing and building racing cars for the Formula SAE competition. Each school year would launch the design and construction of a new vehicle. Each May the team would compete with 100 universities from around the world. This shared sense of purpose to keep building things and working together as a team led to the creation of a company — Pro CNC — which the founders grew for 17 years.

With the principles of continuous improvement in their collective DNA, they worked tirelessly to improve the operations and efficiency of Pro CNC by developing ProShop – an ERP system to run their machine shop. ProShop handled their shop scheduling, shop floor control, quality management, CMMS, equipment calibration and much more. The software facilitated rapid growth and many awards. During the first 10 years, they focused and built ProShop just for their own company with no plans to ever commercialize it. They didn't yet know that ProShop would become the foundation of their next company.

Customers, vendors and even auditors would tell them that ProShop was the most amazing and complete shop management software they'd ever seen, in a shop of any size. After hearing this so many times, along with repeated direct requests to buy the software, they finally got it…What they had built was bigger than Pro CNC, and it needed to be out in the market. They had the opportunity to help North American manufacturers just like them to become more globally competitive. They could help business owners create more value for their communities, their employees and themselves.

In 2014, when Pro CNC was sold to an international manufacturing company, the original founders moved on to their next adventure – bringing ProShop to the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Pro Software From Manufacturing Pros

Decades of experience on the floor of a computer numerical control (CNC) shop led us to our true passion — managing each detail of a shop in a sustainable and accessible way. 

The ProShop ERP system contains everything you need to leverage your most valuable assets — equipment, time, people, money and reputation. Our modules allow you to:
Run your floor and front office from one powerful platform.
Get line-item detail on job costs for a more accurate profitability analysis.
Manage quality programs to maintain standards and meet or exceed customer expectations.
Leverage real-time data for strategic decision-making.
Organize and share the most up-to-date resources in a centralized location.
Manage your workforce while maintaining data confidentiality and security.
Communicate efficiently with team members, customers and vendors.
Apply effective cost control measures to your supply chain.

Why ProShop ERP Software?

Our customers choose ProShop for benefits like:

Time savings: Customers tell us it takes up to 50% less time to complete job setups with ProShop. That efficiency means higher on-time percentages and happier customers.

Competitive intelligence: ProShop ERP shop software puts robust data at your fingertips. You can make better decisions faster, win more jobs and get a leg up on your competitors.

Labor savings: Our customers report labor savings of up to 25%. You'll produce more with the equipment and people you already have.

Eco-friendliness: Unlike our competitors, ProShop software is entirely paperless. That's better for the environment and your wallet, with fewer ink, toner and paper expenses.

Ease of adoption: We've designed our interface for quick and easy implementation and user-friendliness. Those details make our software even easier to love.

Check out our reviews, watch video testimonials or delve into a case study to learn how the ProShop ERP for the manufacturing industry took their companies to the next level.

Meet Your New Management Partner With a ProShop Demo

We'll be happy to introduce you to our solutions. See everything ProShop can do to enhance your bottom line and streamline your workflows. Reserve your demo today to get an up-close and personal look at the platform in action.

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