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One of the primary advantages of the digital revolution is the ability to go paperless. Many companies adopt this initiative for the environmental benefit, but there are plenty of other reasons to take your shop to the next level with paperless manufacturing software. 

Why Upgrade to a Paperless Shop Floor System?

Switching to a cloud-based paperless shop system allows you to:
Improve customer perceptions and meet sustainability initiatives.
Get faster information throughput for shorter lead times.
Organize documents in a central location to eliminate hours spent searching through various files.
Enhance your security posture with digital tools that limit data access in ways paper cannot.
Support regulatory compliance and auditing efforts with more complete and accurate recordkeeping.
Reduce the cost of quality control, data aggregation and office supplies like paper, ink and toner.
Lessen the risk and inefficiency of duplicate, incomplete or out-of-date information.

What Is ProShop?

ProShop is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for industrial companies that combines function and value in one easy-to-use platform. Our paperless manufacturing ERP focuses on improving efficiencies, communications and workflows to drive costs down and profits up.

How ProShop Generates Results Without the Paper

Our tools help manufacturing companies complete a digital transformation that provides them with competitive advantages like:

Real-time data access for better efficiency: Simplify decision-making with access to real-time data that paper can't deliver. With ProShop, you enjoy insights into production bottlenecks, up-to-the-minute job costs, impacts of order changes and more.

Comprehensive tools for better workforce management: Track employee progress, training and performance objectively with digital analytics that would be time-consuming to compile on paper. Plus, ProShop users have found the program valuable for retaining and recruiting better talent.

Scheduling and capacity visibility: Maximize machine use and hit on-time performance targets without excess paper-shuffling. The insights into scheduling and capacity prepare you to make quick adjustments or act on opportunities.

Higher production through streamlined workflows: Eliminate lost productivity from switching between multiple programs or paper files. ProShop ERP delivers a full suite of solutions, from easing set-up friction to running sales reports on a single platform.

Improved team communications: Keep everyone on the same digital page instead of physical ones. Changes populate throughout the system automatically, and messaging tools instantly keep you connected with job stakeholders. 

Watch What the ProShop Paperless Manufacturing 
System Can Do

When we couldn't find the paperless ERP solution we wanted for our company, we created it. ProShop has supported efficient and paperless job shops since 1993, helping hundreds of manufacturing businesses save costs and trees. Schedule your free demo of ProShop today and see how we'll help you do the same.

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